Hey! You can call me Colonel, Serene, Maxi...whatever! Here's a new, simple page where you can easily click to any of my important links, as well as learn more about my Patreon!

Shantyland on patreon

The world-building project that will one day be an online game!

Shantyland started in 2006 as a simple alien planet where I put some of my characters. I was working on it in private until I started my Patreon 5 years ago as a way to open up my World Building process. Since then, we have grown into an amazing community that helps build Shantyland alongside me with their own characters and creatures as Shanty Rangers!

My Patreon focuses on the art and world-building of the planet Shantyland, by providing information and interactive opportunities for "rangers in training" (that's you!) along the way!

I offer six-member tiers with different reward options based on how much you want to get out of my Patreon experience. I also offer:

  • Exclusive Access to Commission Slots at Discounted Rates

  • Monthly Livestreams

  • Access to the Shantyland Discord Server

  • Regular and Colored Sketch Art Rewards (Jawbone & Cloverdile Tier)!

  • Priority Viewing on New Characters for Sale/Auction

Join my Patreon for as low as $2.50/mo and gain access to some great content and an amazing community to become apart of!

+ 450 more exclusive Patreon posts to unlock!

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Status: Priority Access to Patreon

At the moment, the only way I can consistently open commissions and stay on top of my other freelance projects is to open slots every month to my Patrons. If I still have available time after that, I post YCHs or slots to the public via Twitter mostly.

During the first week of every month, I open commission requests on my Patreon and fill up my available time with those slots. Certain tiers get discounts on their total commission costs.

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Art examples

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